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A short, short time ago
I can well remember how Notts Ladies used to make me smile
And I knew how happy I would be
With Laura, Carly and Sophie
And maybe they’d win trophies with some style
But April ’17 made me shiver
When Mr Hardy did not deliver
Dear Mr and Mrs Trew
Had left our club in a stew
I’m not ashamed, I almost cried
Devastation I could not hide
My heart broke deep down inside
The day Notts Ladies died.

So bye, bye to the Lady Pies
No more bevvy in the Navi, now my Sundays are dry
Those good old boys and girls who sat up on high
I’ll miss until the day that I die…

The Magpie girls I did love
To watch them from the stand above
Were the best days I did know
We believed at Meadow Lane
2014 the Ladies came
We thought they’d reach out for the chance ready to go
I knew I was in love with Holtham
When down the field she went boltin’
Great days of footy and booze
Beating two sets of dark Blues
And we all remember that free kick
When Ellen and Laura did their trick
And left the Arsenal feeling sick
Great days at Lady Pies

But now we’re singing bye…

2015 we could smell success
Tears for Laura, our Lioness
The making of her we hoped it’d be
Lady Pies were off to Wembley
All our knees were going trembly
A smile and a winner’s medal on her we thought we’d see
But nothing turns out like you hoped
On the day our girls just choked
We put a brave face on and said
“We’ll win the Conti instead”
But Simms *spit* sent Laura from the park
Notts completely lost their spark
Medal fiasco, Carly’s snark
The day our Cup dream died

Now bye…

2016 started bright
Rachel Yankey in black and white
Was this going to be our year?
Ellen off for “kicking it away”
Smith gets nowt for throttling LJ
Penalties leave us weeping in our beer
We all felt good to be alive
Ten minutes remaining at the Hive
Smith and Williams shattered our dreams
Our season ripped at the seams
Warning signs even then are clear
DS girls in injured players’ shirts appear
We’re just glad to end a terrible year
Never thought our club would die

But it’s bye…

I met a girl who I once knew
And I asked her for some happy news
But she just smiled and turned away
I went down to the Navigation
My favourite watering hole in the nation
But the barmaid said the girls no more would play
The Chairman makes the men’s club rich
Unveils plans for a Wembley pitch
But not a word is spoken
For the ones whose hearts are broken
And the three girls who mean most to me
Laura, Carly and Sophie
Started an uncertain journey
The day Notts Ladies died.

And they were singing...
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[personal profile] cmcmck 2017-04-23 10:53 am (UTC)(link)
Hi de.

Based only here now btw after the latest LJ farrago.

Couldn't go on there given my background.
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[personal profile] jenni_blog 2017-04-25 12:42 pm (UTC)(link)
This is an awesome, if not sad as hell, song parody, Jess! I love it but wish it hadn't happened. :(