Jan. 30th, 2016

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To Derby today to see Oddsocks' panto The Legend of King Arthur. I've written plenty of times on here how much I love this comedy troupe. The show, as usual, opened with the cast playing a musical number - with a sign proclaiming them to be 'Baddest Knight and the Picts' - then introducing themselves, or rather their Oddsocks personae, such as 'A young lady you'll never find sitting down on the job - Emma Roids!'

Emma Roids, aka Lucy Varney, was the star of the show, portraying a hilariously dopey Lady Igraine and a Lady Guinevere who jousted and kicked butt as well as any of the knights. Oddsocks co-founder Elli Mackenzie, alias Nell Backhandle, was fantastic as the evil witch Morgan le Fay, getting everyone booing her with gusto in fine panto tradition and casting wicked spells with Latinate words à la J. K. Rowling. Of course there were 'It's behind you's and 'Oh no you shouldn't's, and plenty of knights, jousts and quests, and each of the cast got to do at least one song. There was the odd bit of satire, like an arch-conservative parchment news sheet called the 'Daily Chainmail' and a couple of sour characters moaning about 'dirty stinking Saxons' and 'marauding kilted maniacs' coming into England - of course King Arthur comes to the rescue establishing a tolerant country with justice for all. Very jolly and lots of fun.


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