Jan. 25th, 2016

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Loving Dickensian on BBC1, a fascinating series built on a simple but amazingly imaginative concept - lots of Dickens characters meet. During one episode I tweeted 'Watching Dickensian. Caroline Quentin is hilarious!' and, joy of joys, Caroline herself replied, thanking me and saying she'd loved making the show.

Drove down to Gosport on Friday night to visit the parents, just made it in time for Top of the Pops 1981. Debbie Harry is still leading my Pop Babe of '81 stakes with her sexy outfit and moves from the Rapture video, though lovely Susan Fassbender pushed her close.

Saturday my mother made a Burns supper. She managed to smoke out the kitchen burning the oatmeal she was toasting for the cranachan, but she made another lot and the end result was quite tasty (though you could tell she'd applied the whisky rather liberally) as was the haggis.

Back home on Sunday, for another Burns meal at the Axe, also excellent. Their dessert was a delicious raspberry, cream and shortcake stack, and the guest beer on was (what else?) Belhaven Robert Burns Ale, excellent.

Have to confess to a guilty pleasure in Celebrity Big Brother and I'm very attracted to the beautiful Tiffany, one of the best housemates in terms of the house dynamic and also hugely entertaining. She has to win!


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