Jan. 9th, 2016

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Quiz night last night. With the festive season already a faded memory, it seemed a bit strange to be wished 'Happy New Year' by everyone. Contrary to the expectations of many, last month's winners did turn up, changing their name from The Sand Dobbers to A Win Maybe. If that was a subterfuge to try and avoid the penalty for winning last month, it didn't work - they were dinged 8 points regardless.

Aside from the main quiz, we have a 'jackpot round' of 3 questions; all teams getting them all right go into a draw, and the team pulled out get to make a lucky dip to win either entry fees back, the jackpot (£30 last night, an extra £10 goes in each month it's unclaimed), or a free round of drinks. One question was '25 Cromwell Street was a notorious address in which town or city?' I wrote Gloucester on the sheet. Mick agreed with me, but Terry and John insisted it was Bristol, and crossed out Gloucester and substituted Bristol. After the papers had been handed in, Steve the quizmaster said to us "You made the wrong choice." Gloucester was right. For the rest of the evening Mick wound Terry and John up by saying "Bristol" when we were debating answers we weren't sure of.

Thankfully we made up for it on the main quiz. We were in a narrow lead with two rounds to go when we struggled on the penultimate round, 'All or Nothing', knowing only five of the ten answers. One of the questions we didn't know was "What kind of food is a morel?" Then, with seconds to go, Alan suddenly said a morel was a mushroom. We put it down and it proved to be right. With again only six right on the last round 'In The News' we were sure we'd get overhauled, but then the scores were announced and we'd won by one point.

We all congratulated Alan on his mushroom winning us the prize. Then John was able to point to Cyril, the only one of us who'd known the newspaper founded in 1912 that relaunched as The S*n (cough! spit!) in 1964 was the Daily Herald; I mentioned my being the only one who knew that the singer of the one-hit wonder Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You was Glenn Medeiros.

BP review today. Normal range at last, so I get to continue on my new meds until November. Hallelujah! On to MK M&S to recycle my Christmas cards, then home for a Rolo milkshake from the bakery just along the road and on to the Heath Inn to catch the football results.


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