Mar. 9th, 2015

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Friday was quiz night at the Legion. It was a tougher quiz than the last two, as question master Steve readily admitted at the end - but he added that he was pleased to see the top few places were tight. The other guys on our team groaned at the announcement of the 'Name The Year' round (from three events that happened that year) but I was in my element with that round. Mick guessed rightly that I must be a royalist from my knowledge of two of the years, 1960 from the Duke of York's birth and 2011 from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's marriage.

In the 'Connections' round I spotted the connection : the people in the answers to each question shared a name with a famous George. One of them was Susan Tully; I said to the others I wasn't quite sure who George Tully was; Mick explained it was Susan George, and added that he used to fancy her.

The inclusion of a Fleetwood Mac song in the music round had Mick confessing to another of his celebrity crushes, Stevie Nicks. I revealed that I always fancied Christine McVie, and Mick said "That's us sorted, then. Double date."

We came second by a single point. The winners were a new team and were on the table next to us ; Mick admitted he might have gifted them a few points with his habit of shouting out answers, which he blamed on the beer, and told us to thump him in future if he keeps doing it. The chaps said they reckoned the old boy with the walking stick on the winning team had definitely been earwigging on us, and might even have been cribbing at the piece of paper that I use to write answers on instead of saying them out loud. I suggested I move to the side of our table further away from the other team in future; Terry came up with the simpler idea of us simply moving to elsewhere in the room.

Saturday Gosport were away at Eastbourne Borough. Nice enough clubhouse and pleasant ground, but it was a dire game and Gosport lost 1-0. At the bus stop outside the ground I met Andy, an old pal I hadn't seen for years; he had a taxi booked to the station which he insisted I share without letting me contribute, then as he was going to Farnborough, for which he had to jack-knife via Clapham Junction, we travelled back together as far as there, chatting about grounds we've visited, matches we've seen and mutual old friends.


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