Feb. 21st, 2015

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The Axe did us proud this week, with pancakes with hazelnut syrup on Tuesday and a Chinese menu to mark the New Year of the Goat on Thursday - I went for a very tasty Szechuan chicken and noodles.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday Elsie brought a box of lush Lindor white chocolates into the office. Terrible timing for me, being the first day of Lent, but I resisted. Start as you mean to go on.

Excellent TOTP 1980 on Thursday night, opening with one of my favourite songs, the Tourists' So Good To Be Back Home Again, with Cliff Richard's Carrie soon after, even if another favourite of mine, Someone's Looking At You by the Boomtown Rats, was one of the numbers chopped to fit the show into a 30 minute slot.

A day's leave yesterday to go to London to lay roses for Sarah. By then, thankfully, my cold had pretty much eased off. The train going there was absolute sardines, to the point of the guard repeatedly apologising over the tannoy and explaining it was because of the school holidays. The tube was almost as packed. Sloane Square was crowded too with people going about their business. I laid down my bouquet in the corner of one of the theatre front's side panes and stood facing it, on the block at the side of the front steps, thinking about my memories of Sarah and some of her works, for a while.

Arrived back at Euston with a train home ready to go and just made it. Standing room only again. Went to the Heath Inn to raise a glass to Sarah. Then had to head for MK for the shopping.

Late night downloading, on the old addled laptop, songs for an online international song contest I vote on, and writing up last week's England women's match for a groudhoppers' group on Facebook.

Quiet day today. Doing stuff on the laptop, spotted that it had been invaded by an ad-site-promoting virus. Managed to get it uninstalled (though my attempt to change my Firefox home page from the virus-promoted site doesn't seem to have gone through). No problems since then, fingers crossed...


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