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malmo58: (pic#4256649)

Out there I feel sad not to see her no more

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Created on 2011-11-22 18:42:45 (#1103751), last updated 2017-09-20 (2 days ago)

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Name:Malmö 58
Birthdate:May 4, 1971
I'm a desperate disillusioned romantic, finally escaped from Chicken Town to a remote and desolate outpost of the South Midlands. My true friends, love of music, non-league and ladies' football and comedy, bagel addiction and quality beer keep me going.

After living with it unknowingly for 45 years I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in October 2016. It's a relief to know.

I'm a 70s/80s TV nostalgia junkie and mourn the demise of black and white tellies, which I actually preferred watching on. It will never happen, but I crave a DVD release of Go For It, the ITV comedy sketch show from 1984 featuring a young Les Dennis (I wanted to marry Ann Byrne, so tragic what happened to her. I met Tulisa before she was famous, if only I'd known Ann was her mum) and all Russ Abbot's series in full.

I once travelled to Geneva to see my favourite Eurovision singer, Kathy Leander (Switzerland 1996), perform live, and met her before and after the show. We've stayed in touch.

My dearest wish : to have former Big Brother producer Sharon Powers' giblets on a silver platter.

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70's music, 80's music, 80s music, aisleyne, alexander pope, amelia fletcher, amelia lily, amy macdonald, amy rigby, amy winehouse, anna nolan, arthur/mella, ashes to ashes, atomic kitten, attila the stockbroker, auf wiedersehen pet, bagels, balderdash and piffle, barron knights, bb seddiki, bbw, belgian beer, bill bryson, billy bragg, billy connolly, black and white tv, blackadder, blondie, blood donation, bob dylan, bonfire night, british comedy, calendar reform, carly simon, carly telford, carrie fisher, catharsis, catherine tate, charlie brooker, charlie connelly, christine sinclair, chumbawamba, claire king, cyrano de bergerac, danny wallace, dave gorman, electoral reform, electro velvet, ellie greenwich, england, england women's football team, english history, eurovision, faith brown, fareham town fc, fascinating aida, father ted, fay ripley, federico garcia lorca, flying pickets, football, ford/agda, fordingbridge turks fc, fraktur, frances de la tour, frank sidebottom, fuzzbox, gail emms, girl groups, guy fawkes night, h2g2, harry hill, harry pearson, heather mitts, helen love, hi-de-hi, history, houston dash, iambic pentameter, imelda may, imperial measures, jade ewen, jade johnson, jane wiedlin, jasper carrott, jeeves and wooster, jenn suhr, jennie bond, joan jett, jodhi may, jodie taylor, john lennon, john pilger, julianna margulies, kate lawler, kate winslet, kathy cook, kathy leander, katie waissel, katy brand, katy murphy, kim medcalf, kimberley walsh, kirsty maccoll, kt tunstall, kylie minogue, labour party, laura bassett, legs and co, life on mars, lisa riley, liz mcclarnon, london 2012, maplins, maria lawson, maria mcerlane, mary slaney, mary weiss, melissa gill, michelle mcmanus, monty python, msv duisburg, natalie imbruglia, natalie portman, natasha bedingfield, network chart, nine/jabe, notts county ladies fc, olympics, p.g. wodehouse, paul foot, poetry, primitives, rachel mcadams, rachel sweet, radio 2, real ale, rebecca adlington, red dwarf, reggie perrin, right turn clyde, robot wars, round the horne, russ abbot, sadie frost, saint etienne, sally barker, sally gunnell, sally phillips, san francisco 49ers, sandra kim, sanya richards ross, sara hollamby, sarah kane, sarita, screenwipe, shakespear's sister, she kicks, shipping forecast, siobhan fahey, smith and jones, socialism, sophie bradley-auckland, spike milligan, spitting image, stiff little fingers, talulah gosh, television nostalgia, terminally single, the big match revisited, the black widowers, the carpenters, the chicken ranch, the games, the pogues, the prisoner, the two ronnies, the wombles, theatre, tiffany, tiffany pollard, tiffany porter, tim moore, tna, tony hawks, top of the pops 1984, touch the truck, transvision vamp, treyc cohen, tv burp, unattainable crushes, unrequited love, voice of the beehive, when saturday comes, wombles, women, women's football, writing, yes minister, youtube
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